Project Water Resources Studies for Qushm Island Small Towns
Client Hormozgan Rural Water and Wastewater
Background Qushm Island has grown in population and infrastructures, both requiring fresh water for different needs. Inland water resources are not sufficient to cater for the growth, and water transfer from the mainland  has not shown feasible. The study revealed different seawater desalination options in the Qushm Island.
Actions Thourough demographic, social, economical studies, land use and development policies reviews were conducted. Regarding the vast area (1500 km2) of the Island and the very scattered population of about one hundred thousand people, the policy of constructing several smaller size desalination plants favored large sized concentrated desalination schemes.
Results In line with global trend, Reverse Osmosis technology was determined the preferred technology for seaweater desalination in the Island. Plants with fresh water production capacities ranging from few hundred to few thousand cubic meters per day were proposed to be installed at different selected locations.