Project Seawater Desalination Plant, Hyosung Pilot Plant, 100 m3/day
Client Hyosung GoodSpring
Background Following initial introduction of its new seawater desalination package by Hyosung, an agreement was made between Hyosung Goodsprings, Middle East Water & Environment and Qushm Utility Company, to install a small, container size, seawater desalination plant for testing operation and as a Research & Development Project in Qushm Island.
Actions The 100 m3/day container sized, seawater desalination plant, was installed in the small town of Baseedo at the very north-west corner of Qeshm Island in an area provided by Qeshm Utility Company. Seawater was provided through a nearby beach well. As pretreatment, seawater passes Disc, Ultra and cartridge filters embedded in the container and then goes through double pass RO system membranes.
Results The system ran for a full one-year operation period, under supervision of MEWE team and related operational parameters were reported to HYOSUNG for their Research & Development requirements. The Unit was then handed over to Qushm Utility Company for further operation and maintenance under its own authority.