Project Seawater Desalination Plant, B.A., 100000 m3/day
Client Hormozgan Urban Water and Wastewater Authority
Background Hormozgan Water and Wastewater Authorities called an invitation to bid for construction and operation of a 100,000 m3/day SWRO desalination plant to supply the drinking water for Bandar Abbas, capital city of Hormozgan province, through a BOOT contract. Project location was appointed at far east of Bandar Abbas City.
Actions Omran Mokran as an investment company in Water sector, participated as a bidder. Omran Mokran then awarded the Conceptual Design of the project to a consortium of OTV, and MEWE. Pre Feasibility Study of the project has been prepared by Hormozgan Water and Wastewater Authorities. This was rechecked after the conceptual design phase.
Results New and thorough investigation of the proposed intake system (designed at pre-tender stage) showed that the very mild shoreline slope in the region will not allow for a cost effective intake design. Beach Well intake did not look applicable either. The design was accomplished and stopped at the conceptual design stage.