Project Review of Lessons Learned in Seawater Intake projects
Client Asia Water Development Company
Background Putting huge investment in construction of a 4.8 MCM/day seawater intake, Asia Water appointed MEWE to conduct a study, in parallel to Intake Design Study, (conducted by a separate consultant), to gather, review and analyze all the lessons learned in similar national and international projects.
Actions Internet searches, site visits of similar national and overseas installations, technical meetings with specialists and technical report gathering were among different approaches taken to get a view of the lessons learned in similar seawater intake projects. All the documents and refrences gathered during the study formed a good data bank for further use during construction and operation periods.
Results Less corrosive material as concrete reinforcing, cavitation prevention in pumps, basin debris and its effect on pump vibrations, standby and batch operating mode conditions and requirements, Intake chambers   environmental issues and intakes operation for joint basin of seawater desalination and thermal power plants, were investigated in this study.