Project Necessity of Seawater Desalination in Southeast of Iran
Client Omran Mokran Development
Background Despite water scarcity in Southeastern Iran, along the coastlines of Sea of Oman, the region has strong geographic and economic potentials and opportunities for development. Along the southern valley of the Mokran Mountains there is fertile soil for agriculture. But abandoned due to lack of water.
Actions The documentary reveals potentials for providing water through desalination. Once water is provided, warm climate and strong transportation infrastructures would make perfect condition for variety of investments. It was concluded that a promising approach for region’s development is through numerous large capacity seawater desalination plants along the coastlines of the Sea of Oman.
Results Through this documentary, development potentials of the southeastern region of Iran are reviewed.  Advances in seawater desalination technologies are also highlighted. The documentary tries to draw attentions of Iranian (or foreign) investors for considering these plants as promising investment plans.