Project Feasibilty Study f Seawater Desalination for Agriculture
Client Omran Mokran Development
Background Southeastern Iranian Coastlines along Sistan and Baluchistan Province known as Makran region, possess good soil for agriculture but lacks water. This study investigates the feasibility of desalinating seawater for agriculture use.  The capacity of the plant was considered the huge number of 520,000 m3/day.
Actions Project site was anticipated in Kuhestak City located on the eastern coastlines of the Strait of Hormuz, Persian Gulf. Initial site investigations including soil studies and bathymetric mapping were conducted. The feasibility study showed that the project will need an initial investment of around 4200 Billion Rials. Design and construction period required at least 4.5 years.
Results Initial planning stated that 80% of produced water will be used for agricultural and 20% for potable water. To help improve financial figures, salt production was considered as by-product, to be sold to  potential nearby petrochemical plants. Nevertheless, project did not turn out to be feasible even for expensive tropical fruits production.