Owner of ISO 9001

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification from LLOYD’S Register Middle East

Qualification certificate of consulting services

Irrigation and drainage networks – Rank 3
Mineralogical and materials technology – Rank 2
Water and sewage facilities – Rank 2
Basic metals industry – Rank 3
Environment – Rank 3

Ranking and special fields

Membership and certification of specialists and ratings from the center of credit and investment advisers in the fields of feasibility and supervision



Water resources studies

water in mines

Mineral processing

civil aviation

water desalination

Middle East Water and Environment Consulting Engineers Company

Middle East Water and Environment

About our team

The company’s expertise is mainly in the fields of civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, industrial, chemical, geotechnical, environmental, natural resources, architecture and are software.

Our Scope of work

Mineral processing industries
Civil aviation
Water resources studies
Environmental and green projects

Our ability

Marine and river measurements, ground mapping, hydrography of reservoirs of dams, water and sediment sampling, including the capabilities of Middle East Water and Environment Consulting Engineers Company

Our motto

Clear water for clean environment

Middle East Water and Environment Consulting Engineers Company

Employers of local and foreign companies

Our honors

Number of completed projects
Number of current projects
Employers of local companies
Partners of foreign companies
Equipped with instrumentation equipment and modern laboratory equipment