Middle East Water and Environment Consulting Engineers

Clear Water for Clear Environment

This committee is called International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience or IAESTE in short.
One of the ways to develop cooperation and synergy between universities around the world is student exchange, in addition to sharing knowledge, it helps cultural exchange and also increase the international level of universities. IAESTE International Institute is one of the institutions that has started its activities in Europe since 1948 with this goal, and it carries out student exchange in the world, focusing on paid internships, which are important for the career development of students.
So far, more than 85 countries of the world have joined this committee and exchange about 3500 internship opportunities with each other every year. The IAESTE Committee of Iran has started working in Iran since 2012 with the efforts of Tehran University.
By recruiting elite and distinguished students and sending them to prestigious universities and technical and engineering companies of other countries through internships, this committee has made a significant contribution to the development of knowledge and scientific ability of the academic and industrial sector of the country.
The activities of IAESTE Iran committee is divided into several sections: students, universities and companies;


Pictures of Aisteh Institute trainees

The history of Aisteh's internship in Middle East water and environment

  • Aisteh Institute


    Mr. Georg Käser

  • Aisteh Institute


    Mr. Martin Lennicke

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    Mr. Tobias Meik

Iran National Copper Industries Company

1. Upgrading the tailings drainage and water supply system of Sarcheshme Copper
2. Field monitoring and measurement of tailings movement in Midok
3. Hydrographic operation of Sarcheshme tailings dam reservoir
4. Improvement of concrete cover of coarse soil storage
5. As Built maps of the water supply system
6. Control and monitoring of water master plan plants
7. Groundwater studies of Khatunabad plain
8. Management of water and tailings of Navchun and Darehazar mine
9. Managing the construction project of Kerman, Rafsanjan and Shahrbabak stadiums
10. Feasibility studies of copper downstream industries
11. Seismic studies, rock mechanics and geotechnics of Darezar concentrator factory
12. Update of underground water studies of Khatunabad plain and Shahrbabak plain
13. Persian Gulf water transmission line and pumping station

1. Upgrading the tailings drainage and water supply system of Midok Copper
2. Studies of water resources and tailings accumulation of Aliabad copper mine
3. Studies of the second phase of Sarchesheme copper concentration development
4. High-level and workshop supervision of the Midok Sedimentation Dam (continuation of 8501)
5. Location studies of Songun copper leaching plant construction project
6. National Administrative and Commercial Tower of Iran’s Copper Industries
7. Water and tailings management of Chelkore mine in Zahedan
8. Copper slag concentrate water and waste management
9. Management of water and tailings of Dareh Alu mine
10. Conducting meteorology and hydrology studies in the area of mines and concentrate factories of Chafirozeh and Ijo
11. Construction of Kerman Stadium
12. Continuation of the water master plan of Sarcheshme Copper Complex, Dere Zar, Shahrbabak, Daralo
13. Improvement of the main water supply network of Sarcheshme copper complex